Nepali Comedy Short Film – Buddha Ghising Vs. Bhagavan

Watch Nepali comedy short film “Buddha Ghising Vs. Bhagavan” presented by Bhimphedi Guys. The film is directed by Bhimphedi Guys themselves. The film represents a story of Buddha Ghising who trusts god and does everything to make it happy, but as always gets nothing in return.

The film begins by showing Buddha, an unlucky guy, praying to god for his well-being and hoping to get something unexpected as a return from god. While praying, he finds something rolled out in a paper, thinking it a gift from god he opens it, but turns out to be dirt. After sometimes, he earns money by selling some products, and instead of using it for home, he devotes it to god, but unluckily his money gets burn. Later, he receives something from priest and goes home, but as being unlucky, his wife runs away with someone else and he again blames to god.

After sometimes, a priest-like person comes and as he didn’t have anything to give, he brings a poster of gods. The person asks him to keep it inside his house, but ignores him by saying all the incidents that took place with him. The person says that gods exist and will treat him well and leaves. Later, he goes into a jungle to cut some wood.  In the same jungle, two young boys stop to eat and one of them says the fact about the jungle and runs away. After some moments, the robbers come there and forces Buddha to eat that food left by the young guys.

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