Nepali Comedy Short Film – Date in UN Park

Watch Nepali comedy short film “Date in UN Park” presented by UR Style Entertainment. The short film is filmed as well as directed by Suresh Kafle, and the editor of the film is Ddus Gajurel. The film stars Amrit Dhungana, Alisha Rai, Bharat Adhikari, and Suresh Kafle himself. This short movie shows the condition of a boyfriend who goes out on a date only carrying a note of Rs.50.

 The film begins by showing Amrit receiving a call from Alisha who asks where he is and says him to come and meet her. Amrit asks her where she is and later reaches the place. Amrit and Alisha go to UN Park and while Amrit makes a plan to kiss Alisha, a small kid comes and asks for 5 Rupees with Amrit. Amrit, who had carried only 50 Rupees, gives it to the kid and says to bring other money back.

In the meantime, Alisha says Amrit that she was feeling hungry and both of them go in a restaurant. Alisha orders foods for herself and asks Amrit what does he wants to order. Because Amrit hadn’t carried any money he orders only a glass of cold water. After sometimes, Amrit making some excuses, goes to UN Park and disguises himself as an unable person and asks for money with the visitors. Later he reaches the restaurant and confidently orders food for himself too. After having the foods, Amrit goes to the reception and asks how much was the bill, the cashier replies Rs.750 and Amrit gives the money given by the visitor. The cashier notices that the note of Rs.1000 was duplicate and horrified him by saying that he will call a police for doing wrong work. At last, the movie ends showing Amrit washing the dishes of the particular restaurant.

This short movie, though doesn’t carry any morale, can be watched to pass your leisure time as it is full of entertainment.

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