Nepali Comedy Short Film – Son in Law

Watch Nepali short film “Son in Law” presented by Ur Style TV. The film is directed by Suresh Kafle and edited by Ddus Gajurel. The film stars Amrit Dhungana as ‘Kanchha’, Alisha Rai as Maid, Nirendra Raj Shrestha and Tulasa Giri as Master and Mistress respectively. The film portrays the story of Kanchha who thinks that Alisha is the daughter of that house and dreams of marrying Alisha and become the son in law of that house.

The film begins by showing Kanchha listening song and gets order from the shopkeeper to deliver a jar of water, and while delivering it, he sees maid of that house and thinks she is the daughter of house and dreams becoming son in law of that house.   Next day, Kanchha goes in the same house to deliver a gas cylinder, in the meantime, the mistress goes out of kitchen and he starts dancing to impress maid. The same time, master arrives and Kanchha gets kicked by him.

After some days, Alisha while going out with her mistress throws a cheat to Kanchha and in the cheat she has asked him to meet her in the temple. Later, Kanchha goes and asks why she had called him and she says she wants to marry him, and thinking her as the daughter of that house, Kanchha, without any hesitation marry her. After getting married, both of them go to the house and while having his seat in the sofa, the master arrives him and shouts. Later he comes to know that Alisha wasn’t the daughter of that house and was a maid in that house.

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