Nepali Comedy Short Film – Once Upon a Time in Korea

Watch Nepali short comedy film “Once Upon a Time in Korea” presented by Ghau Chot Production. The short film is directed by Rabi Lama and stars Ajay KC as “Don”, Suri as an “iPhone Kid”, Bishal Nepali as “Guitarist”, Raaz Shrestha as “Hakku”, Pratap Swarnakar as “Engineer”, Dharmesh Shrestha, Penjee Yeong as “Phone Boy” and Som Kyun as “Angry Bird”. The film shows up the story of a Don who had kept all the people under his threat, but at last gets beaten by a random guy.

The film begins by showing Birkhe don and iPhone kid coming from opposite direction and both collide with each other and Birkhe don becomes aggressive and snatches that kid’s iPhone. Later that boy complains about Birkhe don to a guitarist guy and both don and the guitarist competes with each other, and don wins. In the same way he threatens all people and makes a fan of him. Next morning, both don and his fan go out and start threatening people and snatching their property. In the process of doing that, don notices a guy doing something in his cell phone, and both go in order to snatch his phone. But unluckily, that guy starts threatening don and seeing that Hakku runs away and angry bird  starts beating don.

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