Nepali Short Comedy Film – Handsome Ko Pani Limit Hunchha Ni Yaar

Watch Nepali comedy short “Handsome Ko Pani Limit Hunchha Ni Yaar” presented by Xtreme Production in association with Nepalese FB Got Talent. This comedy short film stars Abhir Lama as Vakso, Roshan Limbu, Breen Tamang, Shyam Rai, Bhuwan Tamang. This film shows us the story of Vakso, a guy who thinks himself as a most handsome guy.

The film begins by showing Vakso describing about the weather of day and thinking of roaming out for a while. In the meantime, he meets up with his neighbor and both of them have conversation. After sometimes he walks away from there and while roaming he meets up with brothers from his local and has some conversation with them too. During the conversation, all 3 of them describe about Vakso handsomeness and thinking it overrated, Vakso goes back to his home and watches out himself in the mirror which leads into breaking of his mirror.

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