Nepali Short Film – Adhyaya

Watch Nepali short film “Adhyaya” presented by SK Media. The film is written, edited and directed by Sajan B.K., and cinematographed by Sapan Shrestha. The film stars Suhail Sapkota as Bijay Thapa, Bedh Raj Limbu as Saap, Roshan Rai as Rai, Amar Mandal as Jaleshwor, Binay Dhakal, No.8 Platoon, and Swastima Khadka. This film shows the story of a young person who had different dreams in his life, but after joining Nepal Army, he understands the meaning of life and the way of dreaming changes.

The beginning starts with a story conveyed by Bijay about his past time in the military. Bijay had joined the military just because to attain his parents’ dreams. On the first day, like in every schools and colleges, in the military, the cadets were introduced with the principles of the military.

Cadets’ training had started from the next day, and had to train hard, but as Bijay’s dream wasn’t to be a Nepali army, though he’d to train, he didn’t give much attention to the training. Moreover, he preferred to stay alone and didn’t want any company. One day, Bijay, because of hard trainings thought to quit the army, but ‘Saap’ convinced him that he must tolerate and complete the training.

One day, when the armies were constructing the road, two children came and thanked one of the army among them because their mothers had said that they would send the two girls after the completion of road. The same army asked them what would they be after completing their educations, then both replied that they would be army like them, and this touched Bijay somewhere. Returning back to the base, Bijay had ached his leg, and one of the army and Jaleshwor helped him, this also helped Bijay to understand the meaning of good company.

On Baisakh 12, 2072, a destructive earthquake hit Nepal, during that time, numbers of armies were sent to the affected area. Bijay also had served the victim of earthquake. The happiness of serving the victim helped to gain satisfaction from his work and motivated to train more. After sometimes, making Sindhupalchowk centre, another earthquake hit Nepal, and his home was also destroyed. His parents are waiting for the time when he erects his home again.

Thus, this is a short description of life of Nepali Armies who do not think of themselves and serve the country in any condition.

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