Nepali Short Film – Chhal

Watch Nepali short film “Chhal” presented by Frame Cine Makers. The film is directed by Basanta Gharti Magar. The film stars Hom Roka Magar, Bishal Roka Magar, Bhim Gurung, Sunita Roka Magar and Narayan Chaudhary. The film shows the story of a person who had come home after a long time after living abroad, and faces different kind of unusual things in the way.

The film begins by showing Hom, a person who had come home his after 6 years working abroad. While leading to home, he thinks to rest for a while, and in the meantime, an unknown person comes and starts talking to him, and asks if he had brought any expensive drinks or not, Hom replies that he hadn’t brought any and gives him money and says to  bring the local alcohol. The unknown says that he will come soon and requests him not to anywhere.

While waiting for that unknown, a woman from back calls him and starts asking why was he sitting there. He says everything and that woman says how he looked, replying yes, she says that he had died 3 years ago and is “Chhal”. Listening that he rushes to home, after sometime, that unknown comes and says that the woman is witch, who had committed suicide. Both of them drink alcohol and leave for home.

After sometimes, heading to home, he meets with Maite bhai, a person from his village, and that person says about the incident that had happened in the way through which he had come. He says everything about that road, later while taking rest, Hom sees the grave of Maite bhai. To know what had happened after that incident, you have to watch this short movie.

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