Nepali Short Film – Lokya (A Bestowing Freedom)

Watch Nepali short film “Lokya (A Bestowing Freedom)” presented by Onion Films. The film is directed as well as edited by Rupendra Shiwakoti. The writer of this film is Sanjaya Adhikari, and is cinematographed by Saroj Dhungana. The film stars Santosh Pokhrel as Mahesh, Prakriti Pokhrel as Mahesh’s sister, Kamal Bohora as Mukhiya, Sujal Shrestha as Uncle and Nischal Neupane as Shopkeeper and other crews. The film portrays the story of a small boy who had to work in a small age after his mother’s death to pay the debt and bring her sister back.

The film starts by showing the shopkeeper who orders Mahesh to serve teas to the customer sitting outside. Later, Mahesh serves teas to other customers and listen to their gossips sincerely. While washing dishes, Mahesh sees another shopkeeper’s son scolded by him and later gets called by his own shopkeeper and that particular shopkeeper hands money to him. Keeping his money inside his bag, he starts righting a letter to his sister and during that period the film shows what actually had happened with him and his family and how he reached that tea shop.

During the end of his letter he mentions that he is earning more money to bring her back and at the moment, he is sending some amount of money with the letter and at last he let that parrot to fly away as it denoted her sister.

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