Nepali Short Film – Piralo (A Hidden Pain)

Watch Nepali short film “Piralo (A Hidden Pain)” presented by Onion Films. The film is directed by Ashok Gautam and is edited by Akash Poudel. The cinematographer of this film is Bishal Dhakal and script is written by Uddhav Sapkota. The film stars Bikash Parajuli as Dipesh, Anjali Niraula as Menuka, Mukesh as Mukesh, Kamal Dahal as Dipesh’s Uncle, Indu Timsina as Dipesh’s mother. The film portrays the story of two people who couldn’t express their feelings, and before they could confess, their lives take unpredicted turn.

The film begins by showing Dipesh and Menuka buying CD of some movies in a shop. The same thing continues for a couple of days. One day, doing the same thing, Dipesh asks if the shopkeeper has that movie and as the shopkeeper finds the movie and says he has got only one, Menuka demands for the same movie, and Dipesh let her to take that movie’s CD. Slowly, both of them get closer to each other.

But for long time, Menuka didn’t see Dipesh and asks the shopkeeper about him, but as he replies he hadn’t,and she asks for his address and later goes there, but there too, she was disappointed. As she couldn’t control herself, she goes to Dipesh’s home, and there she comes to know that Dipesh was dead in the civil war. Listening that, Menuka was totally broken from inside and their love remained untold forever.

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