Nepali Short Film – Rupees 500

Watch Nepali short film “Rupees 500” presented by Javiya Films. The film stars Shyam Khadka as ‘Birkha Bahadur’, Nil Shrestha as ‘Businessman’, Shraddha Tandukar as ‘Dhaka Topi Shopkeeper’, Sumit Shrestha as ‘Clothes Shopkeeper’, Hari Shrestha as ‘Birkha Bahadur’s Friend’ and Binod Stapit as ‘Shoe Shopkeeper’.  This film is directed by Veemsen Lama, written by Bisham Thakuri, produced by Zali Sunuwar Lama, cinematographed by Veemsen Lama and Rabi Lama and edited by Biki Gurung. This short film was uploaded by Veemsen Lama on 7th July, 2014. The film portrays the story of a local carrier ‘Birkha Bahadur’, who one day luckily earns Rs.500 and spends the next day on arguing what to buy with that money, but something wrong takes place with him.

The film begins by showing Birkha Bahadur waking up and getting ready for his daily routine work i.e. carrying baggage and other heavy things too. Later, while he was talking with his friend, a businessman hires him to carry a heavy sack. The businessman, for his labor pays him some amount of money and he later again carries a bulk of cartoons. After sometimes, he talks with his friends and says he earned Rs.500 today.

Next morning, he wakes up and plans not to go on the work and first goes to buy a pair of cloth for him with that money, but finds it out of his budget. Later he takes a look at his shoes and makes up mind to buy it. In the same way, he makes up his mind to buy different thing, but doesn’t buy anything. At last, he makes a plan to eat dumplings and go back to his place, but unfortunately, he gets hit by a car.

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