Nepali Short Film – Sapana

Watch Nepali short film “Sapana” presented by Kavre Pictures. The film is written as well as directed by Jeewan Adhiraki. The cinematographer of this film is Amrit Babu KC. The film stars Menuka Pradhan and Raj Thapa. The film portrays story of a girl, who first, wanted to live her wish, but after listening to her father’s word, changes her mind and joins Nepal Army to live her father’s dream.

The film begins by showing Balram opening his small shop, and later watching armies doing their training. After sometime, Sir arrives and both of them have their personal conversation where Balram mentions that he has a dream of making his son an army.

Balram’s wife had given birth to a girl who had already grown up and had recently passed her intermediates. After sometimes, Roshana arrives home, and both father and daughter have their conversation. Following the way, Roshana starts taking her class and used to spend some time with her boyfriend. One day, Sir advises Balram to do next marriage, but he refuses by saying something, after sometime both father and daughter some personal conversation.  Next morning, she receives a call and tells her father about her result. In the meanwhile, Roshana listen father talking about the problem and his dreams.

After sometimes, she goes and meets up her boyfriend where she tells that she had made decision to join Nepal Army. From the next day, she joins Nepal Army where she had to go through hard trainings. One day, while returning home after meeting up Sudip, she sees a boy taking a girl forcefully. Following him, she helps to stop that guy from trafficking that girl and other girls too.

This moment made her and her Balram proud and Sudip too, and all of them lived a happy life.

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