Nepali Short Film – Smriti

Watch Nepali short film “Smriti” presented by Aaha Production. The director of this film is Ujjwal Singh, and is edited by Ashmita Gahatraj and Mausam Gahatraj. The film stars Pratima Paudel as ‘Smriti’, Anish Paudel as ‘Anish’ and Ujjwal Singh as ‘Anish’s friend’.  The film portrays the love story between Smriti and Anish who had to quit their relationship due to some problem, and Anish becomes sad and starts drinking for comfort.

The film begins by showing Anish watching a football match and drinking alcohol, and after sometime he receives a text message from Smriti. Reading her text, he starts cooking food for each other and keeps waiting for her. Later she arrives and both of them have food and their personal conversation. After sometimes,Ujjwal knocks the door and Anish goes to open the door. Ujjwal starts scolding him for not keeping sim card in the phone. Listening that he gets shocked and checks for Smriti, she was visible to Anish but not to Ujjwal.

To know the reason behind it, you have to watch the movie.

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