Nepali Short Film – Sparsha

Watch Nepali short film “Sparsha” presented by UndergroundTalkies. The film is directed by Anup Poudel, and the concept of this film too was developed by him. The film is produced by Min Bahadur Bham. The cinematographer of this film is Narendra Mainali and is edited by Nimesh Shrestha. The film stars Abhay Baral as “cobbler” and Dilasha Shrestha as “poor girl”. This short film was officially uploaded by UndegroundTalkies on 24th November, 2012.

The film begins by showing the daily life of normal people and later shows a cobbler with a low feeling every time and the rushing of people around him. Later a girl, without wearing a shoe, comes in front of him and says him to polish her foot. The cobbler polishes her feet and that girl leaves. Later that girl takes a look at her foot in the mirror and makes her satisfied.

Though the movie has no any conversations, it conveys a strong message to us. The film teaches us that we should learn to be happy with the things we have got.

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