Nepali Short Film – Wrong Number

Watch Nepali short film “Wrong Number” presented by Ur Style Entertainment. The film is written as well as directed by Chhabisheet Kulung, and the work of coloring, sound mixing, and graphics is done by Rupesh Khadka. The editor of this short film is Amrit Dhungana. The film stars Amrit Dhungana as Shyam and Alisha Rai as Pinky.  This short film shows the story of a boy who falls in love with a random girl, but the girl turns out to be deceiver at last.

The film starts showing Shyam dialing phone in a random number with a hope that a beautiful girl receives a call. Luckily, after second try, Pinky receives his call. Slowly, Shyam falls in love and gets into relationship with Pinky. One day, Shyam and Pinky make a plan to meet each other. As Pinky reaches, both of them have some conversation and Shyam buys something to eat and both of them leave that particular place.

After a while, both of them sit in a ladder and talk to each other, Later Pinky says that she forgot her scooter’s key in the scooter and asks Shyam if he could bring it. Without hesitation Shyam leaves to bring the key, and as soon as he leaves, Pinky checks his purse and checks out Shyam’s cell too. After sometime, Shyam receives call from her mother with an information that she is about to send Rs.1 lac for his college’s fee.

Later, Pinky receives a call and says her brother is alone and both of them leave. Dropping Shyam to his home, Pinky says that she would call her later. Having no patience, Shyam calls her, but a man instead of her receives the call and the receiver says he is from Pokhara.

The film being entertaining, conveys a strong message to the people. Many of us dial wrong number mistakenly, or knowingly sometimes. The person who receives the call, obviously will be unknown. The main theme of this film is that, first we shouldn’t make any type of friendship with a person found through wrong number.

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