Nepali Short Movie – Lyang Fyang

Watch Nepali short film “Lyang Fyang” presented by Hutnumber101. The film is directed, edited and cinematographed by Pravakar Thapa.  The film stars Hem Pariyar as Sam, Kabita Basnet as Pooja, Parshu Giri as Narayan, Arjun Giri as Sam’s father, Sarmila Giri as Sam’s Fupu, Bijay Darjee as Amar, Kul Khanal as Jit, Lachumon Siwa as Ravi, Saha as Ravi’s brother, Pravakar Thapa as Gopal and Gayatri Giri as Person 1.  The film presents the story of Sam, who at first used to be a lazy person, but after meeting Pooja he changes himself and finally becomes a good guy.

The film at first shows up Sam sitting near a beach and telling his story to us. Sam is a guy, who has got no any idea about his future. The story begins from his room filling up some forms and doing other stuffs. He had got habit of waking up late in the morning and habit of listening his father’s grunt too. The same thing happened all the morning. One day returning from school with his friends, he sees Pooja and slowly starts talking to her. In this way, both started being closer with each other which made Sam look a little bit a nice than how he used to, and Pooja’s boyfriend jealous.

Because of Narayan’s word, Pooja stopped talking to him completely, which again lead into Sam’s carelessness. One day, Narayan asked Pooja if they could end up their relation and start a better life. After this incident, Pooja rushed to look out for Sam, and finally because of Pooja, Sam started learning music and Pooja, she too joined medical classes.

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