ZTE Smartphones Price in Nepal

ZTE is a Chinese multinational company which has been marketing budget-oriented smartphones in Nepalese market. When ZTE first launched their smartphones in Nepal, it proved out be unsuccessful, so, it had to leave the Nepalese market. However, ZTE returned the Nepalese market in collaboration with Evolution Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., the official distributor of ZTE smartphones. And here is the price list of ZTE smartphones that are currently available in Nepal.

ZTE Smartphones Models

Price in Nepal (Estimated)

 ZTE Axon Elite  Rs. 33900
 ZTE Blade S7  Rs. 26,500
 ZTE Axon Mini Premium  Rs. 25,900
 ZTE Blade V7 Lite  Rs. 17,390
 ZTE Blade A610  Rs. 17,990
 ZTE Blade S6  Rs. 14,490
 ZTE Blade D2  Rs. 10,990
 ZTE Blade L5 Plus  Rs. 9,990
 ZTE Blade L5  Rs. 8,490

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