Nepali Short Movie – Bhai Tika

Watch Nepali short film “Bhai Tika” presented by CG Entertainment and made with the concept of Mr. Basanta K. Chaudhary published on 28th October, 2016. The casts of this film are Jenas Banjara(young Shristi), Dikshant Sharma(young Ashutosh), Shristi Shrestha, Ashutosh Basnyat. ‘Bhai Tika’, in Nepal, is understood as one of the most important festival for Hindus. In this day, a sister (younger/older) worships her brothers for their prosperity, and so is shown in this short film.

The film begins showing a guy (played by Ashutosh), who is getting ready to leave to his sister’s house (played by Shristi). Driving to Shristi’s house, Ashutosh remembers his past. He remembers how much he fought with his sister, how much he irritated her. The past scene starts with Jenas and Dikshant fighting for TV’s remote, they also had many fights. But after having a serious fight, Jenas stopped talking to Dikshant, and past scene comes to end after Dikshant says sorry to Jenas.

Coming to the present, Ashutosh has reached her sister’s house, and after a while, Shristi arrives, and later they are seen having their own conversation. Ashutosh regrets for his behavior that he did in pasts, and Shristi says that they’re small and was all normal at that time.  The film ends after showing a scene of doing ‘bhai tika’ where Shristi worships Ashutosh.

Every short film made with the concept of Mr. Basanta K. Chaudhary conveys some special message to the public, and so this film does. The film shows the importance of ‘bhai tika’ in the relationship between any brother and sister, and also shows how it helps to make the brother-sister bond strong.

Coming to an end, let’s thanks the whole team without whom we wouldn’t have been able to watch this short but meaningful film. Talking about team, the director and writer of this film is Sisan Baniya, and is produced by Megha Chaudhary Shakya, and Paras Shakya. The work of coloring/editing and sound is done by Ajay Thapa Magar. And we also hope that you will love this short film.

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