Nepali Short Movie – Happy New Year

Watch short movie “Happy New Year” presented by CG Entertainment, which has been possible just because of the concept of Mr. Basanta Kumar Chaudhary. Talking about the casts, the film stars non-other than the cute girl Swastima Khadka, Saruk Tamrakar, Sisan Baniya, Sanjay Bhandari, Nischhal Pradhan, Prakash Bhandari, Hem Poudyal, Puspa Tuladhar.

Talking about the beginning of the story, the story begins with a guy (played by Sisan Baniya) talking in a cellphone with his friend of having a party at the New Year eve with his friends. Sisan has been seen as a guy who do not care about the rules and regulations. Later the friends, at night meet up together at one of their friend’s house (played by Prakash Bhandari). All of them have a glass of tequila, but among the group, there’s a guy who didn’t drink. The character is played by Saruk Tamrakar, where he has been portrayed as a simple guy who don’t drink.

The group had the party till the mid-night, everyone are drunk. As everyone wishes “Happy New Year”, Saruk gets ready to leave for home. Everyone insist him to stay, but refuses to stay as he says he has a work at 5 in the morning. While riding a bike, he receives a call from his friend who says that Saruk has left a lens of camera. In order to take the lens, Saruk goes back to Prakash’s house. In the meantime, Sisan, who is totally drunk, also leaves for home. On the way, Sisan lose his concentration because of being drunk and hits the bike coming from the opposite direction. Sisan doesn’t even bothers to come out of a car and look, and leaves the spot. He even didn’t know he hit his friend Saruk.

Well, the moral of this short film is to create an awareness among people that it is not safe to get drunk and drive. Now, let’s thanks the team of “Happy New Year” who has given an important message to the youths and also the adults that drinking and driving is really not good for us.

The film has been written as well as directed by Sisan Baniya, and is produced by Megha Chaudhary Shakya and Paras Shakya. The work of editing has been done by Ajay Thapa Magar. The location for the shoot has been provided by Shyam Raja Baniya and Anurag Maharjan.

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