Samsung Smartphones Price in Nepal


Samsung is a multinational company which has been manufacturing smartphones of different price ranges. In this post we will be mentioning the recently updated price of Samsung smartphones price in Nepal. The price mentioned here is Maximum Retail Price (MRP), however, the price may differ if you buy from retailers or from Samsung’s official showroom as they could provide some discounts. Nevertheless, retailers provide discount on the basis of their profit margin, that’s why we request you all not to ask for the discounted price. Moreover, please do keep visiting this post to get idea about Samsung’s smartphones prices as we update the prices as soon as the price changes.

Samsung Smartphone’s Models

Price in Nepal (Estimated)

Samsung Galaxy Note 8Rs. 102,990 (For 64 GB)
 Samsung Galaxy S8+ Rs. 86,900
 Samsung Galaxy S8 Rs. 76,900
 Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Rs. 68,900
 Samsung Galaxy S7 Rs. 57,900
 Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro Rs. 49,990
 Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Duos Rs. 62,900
 Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Rs. 62,900
 Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017) Rs. 42,490
 Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016) Rs. 33,990
 Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) Rs. 38,258
 Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) Rs. 25,990
 Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017) Rs. 24,816
 Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime Rs. 23,990 (For 2 GB+16 GB), Rs. 25,490 (For 3 GB+32 GB)
 Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime Rs. 21,381 (For 2 GB+16 GB), Rs. 22,490 (For 3 GB+32 GB)
 Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro Rs. 32,990 (For 64 GB ROM)
 Samsung Galaxy J7 Max Rs. 28,290
 Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016) Rs. 26,490
 Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016) Rs. 23,490
 Samsung Galaxy J7 (2015) Rs. 21,900
 Samsung Galaxy J5 (2015) Rs. 17,900
 Samsung Galaxy J Max Rs. 21,900
  Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro Rs. 18,900
 Samsung Galaxy J3 Rs. 16,990
  Samsung Galaxy J2 (2016) Rs. 14,900
 Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro Rs. 15,900
 Samsung Galaxy J2 Ace Rs. 13,990
 Samsung Galaxy J1 (2016) Rs, 11,390
 Samsung Galaxy J2 Rs. 10,990
 Samsung Galaxy J1 Nxt Rs. 8,390
 Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace Rs. 9,390
 Samsung Galaxy Z2 Rs. 6,290